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4 New Gummies

We take considerable pride in trying to be good listeners to our customers. In our store, and online one of the things we hear quite often, is that it’s difficult and confusing for people to know exactly what products to use, for a particular issue. I mean, everyone wants to learn about CBD, but first people are usually interested in how it can help them. And, more specifically what they should use for a certain issue. So, they really want the answer to the question, “What product is best for me?” With that in mind, we’ve created a lineup of Gummies specifically designed to make product selection a snap!

Introducing our 4 new Gummies, specially formulated to address the Top 4 things our customers are struggling with:

o   SLEEP.  For a better night’s rest

o   CALM.  To address the stress of the day

o   RELIEF.  When pain and inflammation are an issue

o   FOCUS.  For a boost in energy and attention


Each 30 count gummy jar is made with THC-Free, Broad Spectrum hemp oil, and a whopping 20mg of cannabinoids per gummy. Broad Spectrum, which means, the hemp oil we use is whole-plant based – and the only thing we extract is the THC compound. (THC is the psychotropic compound that gets you high) We believe our customers want the comfort of knowing the product they’re taking has a non-detectable amount of THC (meaning zero), but also want the benefits the entire hemp plant has to offer as it’s found in nature. This is sometimes called the entourage effect.


We’ve taken great care to formulate our gummies with additional supplements. We’ve found that using Cannabinoids in conjunction with other beneficial supplements can multiply the effects! Kava, Chamomile, Curcumin, and Vitamin C are just some of the ingredients we’ve added to make our gummies best in class.


Our goal at 180 Pure is to continually create wellness products that are high quality, great tasing, unique to our customers – that are easy to make part of your daily routine. Because simply put, when you love your wellness products, you’re more likely to take them!

We can’t wait for you to try these new gummies. We’ll bet the only problem you’ll have is deciding which one is your favorite!

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