All That’s New: Part 1

Back in late 2018 I started this business from a desire to build something of my own. I wanted to pour myself out into good work and a worthy product. Equally important; I wanted to grow a team that inspires me and makes me look forward to coming to work every single day.


So, I opened a little store in Deer Park, Illinois. Fast forward 3 years and I could never have imagined what the first years of our business would hold. The last three years have been a wild ride. Some of the upheaval we ALL experienced; a pandemic that closed our shop, an unrelenting virus, adjusting to facemasks.


Here at 180 Pure we simultaneously managed a name change, store relocation, developed our CBD brand, grew an unbelievable team of women, and all the while managing the daily ups and downs of a growing entrepreneurship. Whew! The last three years have been a wild ride.


As with so many things, growth came from the struggle. There are so many things I know today that I didn’t know when I began….

Here’s what I have learned:


Entrepreneurship is hard. But building a business that matters to people is harder.

It’s hard, no matter how funded you are, smart you are, young you are. No matter how much experience you have – growing a business demands more of you than you think you have. I’ve stretched farther, risked more, but also dreamed bigger than I thought possible. 


Learning on the fly isn’t a cliche.

Learning is a key part of each step of the process. Not much goes as planned, so learning as you go, accepting and making the adjustment is crucial.


It’s ok to rely on others.

I need other people be the expert. I hate marketing. I hate marketing, and it’s SO important! I came to accept that there are talented people who thrive at the work I both don’t like and am not good at. Grateful to have found a few highly capable, creative individuals to cover this for me. (And the best lesson is that you can’t and shouldn’t do everything. I constantly need this reminder.)


My team is the best TIMES 10.

This group of women makes me better every day. Surrounding yourself with people you love and trust, not only builds the right kind of business; but also makes me a better person. And my team is not just my co-workers. My tribe includes a family that supports me unequivocally, and a group of friends that always lift me up when I need a boost.



Our customers are EVERYTHING. 

You are our people. I tell people all the time that we are lucky enough to have the best customers in the world. YOU are kind, thoughtful, engaged and supportive. I never understood how sincerely reliant a small business is on its community to ebb and flow with them over time. It is a partnership – and we’re grateful for every one of you. 



I’m ready for more. 

❤︎ Friends, I have been making moves! The last three years have challenged me but they have motivated me MORE. Motivated me to hone in on what we do best, so we can serve more of you, in new, creative and improved ways. 


Finally, I love all of it. The good, the bad, the hard, and the beautiful. 


Follow along as I share what has been going on behind the scenes. We’re evolving the 180 Pure brand to include more categories, more people and more products that suit and enhance your life and home. More on this coming soon!

2 thoughts on “All That’s New: Part 1”

  1. Sandra,
    Thank you for sharing your story regarding your business, your employees and your customers. I was moved by your article and the transparency you shared on how challenging it can be being as a small business owner, especially during the unprecedented times of Covid.
    As a customers of 180 Pure, I trust the quality of the products. I want no other. There are so many choice out there for CBD but I m confident that what I am buying is the best for me. Some day I’m hoping to retire and to know that I can get 180 Pure products mailed to me, is very comforting.

    I would like to thank you and your employees.

  2. Sandra, I am in awe at how you’ve established such a thriving I knew nothing about CBD and am so impressed with your knowledge and innovations in this field. Your business savvy and thirst to grow is evident in the success of 180 Pure. But bottom line, you are the reason for this success through your knowledge, forward thinking and most important your incredible warmth and caring of your customers.
    I am looking forward to see what else you will be offering in the future!
    Sending much love,

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