All That’s New, Part 2

Seasons of change for me – start with an internal whisper, the tiniest of a thought that simply emerges one day. An idea. A possibility. Then one day, it evolves into a dream – and as magically as the thought appeared – that dream becomes a part of me.

I’ve been considering how best to grow 180 Pure for the last 12-18 months. Lots of ideas and questioning. But, in December of 2021 my dear friend  sent me this text “You NEED to open a store here!” with a link to a location in Atlanta.

As it happens, I was scheduled to be in Atlanta for the Home Show in January – so I did schedule a visit to this location in Fayetteville Georgia. 

Simply put, we fell in love.





After running a retail store for almost 4 years, we know one thousand things I didn’t when we began. We’ve turned into something different than we intended – and we love it.  An important thing I know differently today – is that our business does best when it’s focused on what matters to me the most. Which makes sense, I suppose – but wasn’t intuitive when we began. I thought I was suppose to build something that other people would want. And what I found – was when I build something that is most near and dear to MY heart….other people will be more drawn to whatever that is.

It’s more authentic. It’s real.

So, not only did I fall in love with the town of Trilith – but I fell in love with the idea of building a store that is wrapped around my own heart. Built mindfully about the things that matter to me most. And, they are as follow…



I love the table – and absolutely everything that happens around it. I love delicious food, and beautiful presentation – and the fantastic conversation that happens when you gather together.

When I was growing up, a few times a year my family would celebrate a special occasion (or holiday) and we would gather around a spectacular table – dressed with gorgeous china, freshly pressed linens, and sparkling crystal. It was always a
breathtaking sight, and as a child – I looked forward to ‘seeing’ what my aunts or cousins would put together.

In this age of single use, disposable – let’s make it easy mentality – I’m longing to bring back the value of the more old fashion table. Where there’s sentiment in the items you place there, and history, and legacy – and JOY in blessing those that sit around the table with you. 



My love language is gifts, so from a very young age I have honed my ability to find the ‘perfect’ present for my family and friends. It is a pleasure to find that unique, special gift that delights the recipient. It is pure JOY to curate a selection of the loveliest gifts!



Our CBD products are still at the core of who we are! And, we’ve made some shifts in how we view it. First,  we’ve decided to call 180 Pure our wellness brand. This is the truest statement about our products. They are created out of a love and desire to provide the finest products, that provide healing and wholeness. It happens that we’ve started with CBD, but I’d love to open up the opportunity to add additional products that are more than that as well.

So, 180 Pure will be our wellness brand that sits underneath the 180 Pure Home umbrella.


180 Pure Home

Approachable Elegance

elevated tabletop, thoughtful gifting & inspired wellness

1 thought on “All That’s New, Part 2”

  1. So exciting to see how you have manifested and created your dream. You listened to your heart and it showed you the way. What you’ve created sounds magnificent and I know it will be successful because of you and the love you shine out from your heart.
    Wishing you many years of success and happiness with the growth of your dream.
    Sending lots of love
    Lisa Leibow

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