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August has arrived.

As the summer months come to an end, just saying the word ‘August’ gives me a little feeling of dread. August is the beginning of an end, the end of a time that is traditonally a little looser, more casual, and a little more fun.

August arrives and it is suddenly the season we’ve been trained to ‘prepare’ for: ‘Back To School’.  


Maybe you have young kids, maybe you have grown kids – maybe you don’t have any kids…it doesn’t really matter.  As summer is wrapping up, and fall is on the horizon; it’s “Back to School” season for all of us.

Somehow, it is woven into our DNA that once the calendar turns to August, it’s time to ‘Prepare’.  It’s a time of looking forward, organizing, nesting; and getting ready for the change that’s coming.


And, that can cause anxiety for just about everyone. (Seriously, pretty much everyone)

There are a few things at 180 Pure that we recommend doing to support our bodies and minds as the ‘back to school’ season arrives. 




Resting our bodies is one of the most important things we can do to support mental and physical health. Every expert out there would agree that getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to our wellness. It’s restorative, it’s revitalizing, and it’s necessary. 

Poor sleep or a lack of sleep can increase your risk of certain physical health problems as well as affect your cognitive function and have a negative effect on mood. A consistent daily dose of 180 Pure premium CBD can help support a healthy sleep cycle.


We have two products now to help! While they both support sleep, they each take a different approach. Our SLEEP Gummies have been our customers favorite gummy for the last year. Each gummy has 20mg of broad spectrum CBD, plus ashwagandha and  about 1mg of melatonin. This is the right choice for people who struggle to fall asleep. 

Our NEW SLUMBER Gummies have been amazing! Crafted for those people who don’t like using melatonin. These gummies are made with 20mg of broad spectrum CBD, PLUS 10mg CBN, and a little chamomile. 


Recommendation of Products:

SLEEP Gummies




Change and transitions are HARD. Doesn’t matter the age, or how many times you’ve successfully managed change – new things can elicit a physical and mental challenge. 


Anxiety can present as a racing mind, moody tears, disproportionate responses or you can suffer more physical signs like a tick, picking at your nails, an upset stomach or a bobbing leg. Everyone experiences anxiety in different ways, and each person has a different way to describe it. 


Our customers report seeing a noticeable difference in their mood since beginning their CBD journey. CBD can play an important role in maintaining an uplifted mood, easing irritability, and alleviating our stress response. In addition to your regular daily dose of our premium CBD, our routine boosters can deliver an additional boost whenever you need it throughout the day. Our CALM Gummies and All Natural Softgels are the perfect daily choice, and our 3000mg Strawberry Lemonade Tincture is a fantastic option for immediate relief in times of heightened stress. 


Recommendations of products: 

CALM Gummies
3000mg Strawberry Lemonade Tincture
All Natural Softgels


As we move into August, my team and I are here to help. Visit us online or at either location in Deer Park, IL and Trilith in Fayetteville, GA to learn more about CBD and how our products can help with sleep and anxiety.

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