Writing a new “CBD Basics” blog and OH, so much has changed from the first time I wrote a similar article. Today you’re able to find CBD almost everywhere, the gas station, in mall kiosks, there are even CBD cocktails available. That wasn’t the case when we began 4 years ago.


These days, most people have at least heard of, and many have tried CBD for a wide range of reasons. One thing hasn’t changed.  I’m finding most people continue to have questions about the very basics of CBD. 

How exactly does CBD work? 
Why does it help with anxiety, and pain?
What does it do in our body?


At 180 Pure, our goal is to enhance the well-being of our customers. A big part of a successful CBD routine is having a deep understanding of how CBD works. Our team in Trilith and Deer Park are always available for individual consultations and questions, but reading is another effective way to be reminded (or learn) about the benefits from hemp, and how it works in our bodies. 


5 Basic Questions and Answers About CBD


#1 – What exactly is CBD?

The medical and science worlds love acronyms. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of over 150 naturally-occurring compounds (aka “cannabinoids”) found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. 

The Cannabis Sativa is a plant ‘family’, bred and grown in two different ways:

1.  From Hemp plants. Otherwise known as “industrial hemp” with less than 0.3% THC content. Which makes it a completely federally legal agricultural crop in the U.S.

2.  From Marijuana plants. These “marijuana” plants have up to 30% THC content. (THC is the psychoactive part of cannabis that get you “high”.)

*** 180 Pure only uses products made from Hemp, and extracts all the THC. 


#2 – What exactly are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that interact with receptors in our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS plays a crucial role in regulating sleep, inflammation, mood, and overall homeostasis (a body’s state of balance).

Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. CBD and cannabinoids from the Cannabis Sativa plant are called phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids enhance our ability to make more of our OWN endocannabinoids! (Another Blog on this coming soon)


#3 – Is there scientific CBD research?

Yes! CBD is in hundreds of independent research studies. From its effects on regulating mood and substance-abuse disorders, and improving chronic insomnia, to the hardening of a bone after a fracture. Clinical CBD research in the U.S. is still pretty recent, but new studies are published often. In fact, more uses for cannabinoids are discovered every day!


#4 – What are “broad spectrum” CBD products?

CBD is just one of over a hundred cannabinoids available from the hard-working hemp plant. (Ex.  CBG, CBN, CBA, THCV) Any Cannabinoid found in very small percentages in the hemp plant, we call a ‘minor’ cannabinoid. We know less about these compounds – but if they’re naturally found in this amazing plant, we believe they’re both important, and can have a beneficial impact on our body. 

Broad Spectrum means the WHOLE hemp plant is used, and only the THC has been removed. 


We believe all the compounds naturally found in the hemp plant, working together in their natural state is the very best thing to introduce to our bodies. There simply hasn’t been enough research or study on exactly what compounds interacting together make the hemp plant itself so powerful. So, we believe that leaving the plant in its entirely, and only extracting the 1 compound with physchotropic effect (THC) out. Our customers want all the benefits of the plant  – without the complexity, concern or of THC. So, we’ve created our ENTIRE lineup of product with Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil. 

Here’s what you should remember: Broad-Spectrum products are more effective problem-solvers than pure CBD alone. (And has zero THC)


#5 – Beginning or adjusting my CBD routine – what should I know?

I would love for us to begin thinking of CBD as the ultimate super-powered vitamin. When we ingest CBD, we’re feeding millions of receptors in our body. We’re doing good – and it’s meant to be used every day. Friends – Every. Single. Day. 

Success with CBD is based on a short list of factors:

• Good CBD Products
• Finding the ‘Right’ dose for you
• Consistency


Consistency is key. 

It takes time and work to impact an entire system in your body. Using CBD isn’t magic, it’s not a placebo – it’s real and doing real work in balancing receptors all over your body.


Whether you’re new to taking CBD, or have been using CBD for awhile; here’s my encouragement:

•  If you’re new and need a good place to start, look into our 25mg Softgels, Gummies, or 3000mg Tincture. Find a product you’re comfortable with, and start. (And our team can help you decide!) Once you begin, it’s then easy  to make adjustments. 

•  If you’ve used CBD in the past, but aren’t now – consider starting back up. Define your wellness goal. Answer the question, “What are you trying to solve”? Find the right next product to help, and use it consistently.

•  If you’re currently using CBD – hurray! My encouragement: Keep going! Stay the course. Don’t forget to be self-reflective every few weeks to determine if your routine needs an adjustment. And good job!


We understand that educating ourselves about CBD and the products we put in our bodies can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why at 180 Pure we work hard to keep it simple and straightforward, and always provide the personal engagement you need in store, or online. 

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