Benefits Of Our CBD Lip Balm

Refreshing at first touch, our new velvet-soft CBD lip balm infuses the lips with intensive moisture, leaving them supple, smooth and plump. Crafted with 500 milligrams of broad spectrum CBD, this essential treatment calms, restores and conditions the lips, transforming them with the power of the hemp plant.


The primary purpose of lip balm of course, is to provide an occlusive layer on the lip surface to seal moisture and protect them from external exposure. Lips are particularly vulnerable because the skin is so thin. (Our lips are made up of only 3 to 5 layers of skin, whereas the rest of the face has 16 layers) They’re also missing the same oil glands as the rest of our body. This combination makes them extremely prone to drying out without a moisturizer.


Why CBD Is Beneficial To The Lips?

1.    Lips may be thin skinned, but they are also loaded with cannabinoid receptors! This makes them optimal for absorbing CBD which interacts with these receptors, and can help to calm, soothe, and regenerate skin cells. Carefully crafted from hemp grown on American farms and along with other organic, natural ingredients, our new lip balm is packed with powerful and potent CBD and essential oils.


2.    CBD can act as an antibacterial. For example, this study reveals that CBD contains antibacterial compounds that help keep your lips protected.


3.    CBD can act as an antioxidant. CBD can reduce inflammation caused by overexposure to the elements, improve skin hydration, and mitigate free radical damage. It also helps to reduce redness, irritation around the lip area, and cold sores if taken at the first sign of infection.


4.    When you sleep, your lips rise in temp so they can flush out any toxins and produce new skin cells. This causes your lips to lose moisture overnight, so there are especially great benefits of using lip balm at night. Applying lip balm before bed will keep your lips nice and moisturized while they are flushing out toxins and the new skin cells being produced will be protected!


5.    Your lips are unique. Similar to fingerprints, no two pairs of lips are the same.


6.    Blood makes your lips look red.  The skin on your lips is different from the rest of your body because it is thinner and more delicate. This means your blood vessels are more apparent, giving your lips their pink or red color.


7.    Lips thin as you age. Your mouth’s plumpness is due in large part to the collagen it contains. As you age, your body produces less of this protein and your lips slowly decrease in volume. When those extra layers of skin are missing, you need another layer of protection. Plus, our lip balm helps your mouth appear fuller.

8.    The mouth is one of the body’s most sensitive organs. There are millions of nerve endings in the lips, which makes it incredibly sensitive to heat, cold, touch, etc.


One of the best things about our CBD Lip Balm? It’s made for everyone! Men and women, young and old can gain from this naturally beneficial and nourishing balm. (And, in a pinch will work as a spot topical pain reliever).

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