CBD And Dogs

Our dogs are a meaningful part of our lives. They’re more than just a pet, they’re an extension of our family for goodness sakes. At 180 Pure, our CBD products include special formulations to help our most loved furry friends live their best lives. Here’s a closer look at how adding CBD to their daily lives can be helpful.

Can CBD Help My Dog?

CBD for dogs has gained almost as much popularity and attention as the use of CBD for people. All mammals, which include dogs – have an endocannabinoid system and produce their own endocannabinoids. These naturally produced compounds regulate or modulate receptors all over the body. High quality hemp extract interacts with this endocannabinoid system and has been popular for its potential anti-inflammatory and calming effects. When our dogs aren’t at their best – when they’re scared, or nervous, or in pain, it can be incredibly upsetting. For many dog owners, CBD has been an alternative to medication to resolve or subside daily issues.

How Much CBD Do I Give?

Wondering how much CBD to give your dog? Check out this handy chart below to find a good starting point for your pet.



Dogs And Stress

Stress is a real issue for dogs. Whether it’s a thunderstorm, separation anxiety, fireworks, a trip to the groomer…if your pup struggles with anxiety you know firsthand how distressing this can be for everyone in the family. Using our premium grade CBD Dog Treats or CBD Pet Oil can help reduce stress and ease anxiety. And, let’s be real…. if CBD helps your dog relax, then everyone benefits!

Aging Dogs

As I’m finding with my own dog Miley these days, as our dog’s age they begin to show less interest in activities they once enjoyed. Even the little things (i.e., walking up and down stairs) can be a struggle. The better our aging dog’s mobility is, the more likely they are to enjoy their favorite activities. If your dog seems to be slowing down or suffering from a chronic inflammatory condition, consider adding CBD to their wellness regimen.

Our Dog Treats

We’ve just released our New CBD Dog Treat formula – and our dogs are LOVING it! We’ve added only the best, all-natural ingredients for our dogs to love. Full of peanut butter and easy to digest – your dog is sure to love these 5mg bites. Curious about its ingredients? They’re made with: Premium broad spectrum hemp extract, Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Refined Coconut Oil, Gluten-free Honey, Coconut Flakes, Organic Gluten-free Coconut Flour, Organic Wheat Flour, Cinnamon, Citric Acid, Agar, Organic Applesauce. We wanted only the BEST ingredients. (To test them out, I actually ate a treat. Yum!) Give your beloved the benefits of our premium, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract – providing superior results in a tasty, dog-approved treat.





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