Onward to 2021!

In a typical year, I’d do a recap of the past year and not jump right into vision and plans for the new. BUT, 2020 was certainly not typical – and if I’m honest, I’m still processing the pain-filled and traumatic year we all just experienced. So, today I’d like to simply share some things we’re looking forward to in the months ahead, and lean into the hope and freshness January brings.

Here are some things to look forward to this year with 180 Pure:

1.     WE’LL CONTINUE TO BRING WELLNESS. I’m certain, today more than ever that there is a place for our small business in the world. We are devoted to serving you, our customers – and never more so than today. We know that everyone in 2021 needs a little more help than they used to. We hear your stories of how much 180 Pure has helped in this season. As a company, and team – that makes us even more committed to bringing you plant based solutions to make life a little easier. To bring you a little more balance, and peace and life.

2.    NEW PRODUCTS. We launched 9 new products in 2020, including 4 new gummies in the fall – which have been wildly successful. (Click HERE for those details) As we journey into 2021, we’ll continue to bring innovative and fresh new products to market that we’re incredibly excited about. We’ll start with 2 new and improved Dog Treat formulas at the beginning of February. (Hurray!) One of the things we learned last year – was that our company has a unique ability to respond quickly to the needs of our customer base. It’s the benefit of being face to face (or virtually, face to face) with you. You tell us what you need, what you’re struggling with, and what questions you have. We create to very best CBD products and solutions to meet those needs. Please continue to let us know about products you’d like to see us carry.

3.    NEW IN-STORE MERCHANDISE. We love our store in Deer Park Town Center. And, this year we’ll be bringing in more, beautiful home goods and gifts. Of course, since most people are spending a disproportionate amount of time in their home – it seems like everyone is looking to ‘create’ a new, fresh space to be in. This season, beauty has been bringing joy to everyone. So, in the next few weeks – and throughout the year we’ll be transforming our store space with fresh and inspiring looks and wares for your home. (It’s all about bringing joy and peace this year!)

4.   OUR TEAM. We have the best team at 180 Pure, they literally are some of the best women I have ever known. They love well, listen well. And, they’re devoted to staying up on the newest in CBD, so they can be the best educators for all of you. With so many people either isolating or being careful with their interactions – we’ve noticed a considerable increase in our customers desire to connect! And of course, that makes so much sense. We’re all hungry for more people connection. Because of that, we’ve added a ‘LIVE CHAT’ addition to our website. If you can’t or don’t want to come into the store, you can now connect with us on our website, from the comfort of your home during our store hours. (And it’s actually our team, not an off-shore call center)

5.    FREE SHIPPING & CURBSIDE PICKUP. We will continue to offer FREE Shipping, and Curbside Pickup! This will be an important part of our success for the upcoming months, as we navigate the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Friends, all in all – I’m looking forward to what 2021 holds for all of us. And I’m grateful to be entering the year with your continued support, encouragement and friendship. XO – Sandra








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