Our Salve ranks as our customers 2nd most popular CBD item, and we hear stories every day about how extraordinary this product has been for them. This is often the first CBD product people buy, because it’s topical – and it feels less risky since it’s not ingested orally.

We love it because it’s effective as soon as it’s absorbed, and can provide fantastic relief for localized joint pain and inflammation. It’s made with all-natural beeswax and a blend of eucalyptus and lavender essential oils, so our Salve has a smooth touch and attractive aroma. (In other words, you won’t end up smelling like medicine!)

The benefit of the Salve is its pinpoint accuracy. It’s designed to work exactly where you apply it. Use the back of your nail to scrape out the right amount of Salve from the jar, and rub it directly on the places that need attention. The warmth of your skin melts the Salve, and it absorbs quickly and evenly into the skin, and penetrates into the joint.

Our 1oz. Salve comes in a 1,000mg strength.

We’d love to hear your experience, and what you use our Salve for! Leave us a message and let us know.