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Before I share my 180 Pure story, I have something important to disclose. I work for 180 Pure. But before you write this post off as “paid advertising” it’s important that you understand WHY I became involved, because as it turns out – that IS my CBD story.

To begin, it’s worth mentioning that I’m not a “natural remedy” kind of guy. In fact, I don’t really like taking pills, medications or remedies of any kind. Maybe it’s the farm boy in me, maybe I’m a control freak. It is what it is. So in my mind, I’m one of the last people that would even be open to trying CBD, not to mention telling anyone.

So how did I first use 180 Pure? Like many things, I blame it on my wife. We were in the process of moving and my wife had pulled a muscle in her back lifting something heavy. Our friend, and the owner of 180 Pure – Sandra, recommended that I rub the 180 Pure salve on Lisa’s sore muscles. So I did. I was surprised to hear my wife report a reduction in her back pain as the evening wore on.  But what really caught me off guard was something that happened to me.

I had been struggling with some pain of my own. As I’ve grown older, I’ve begun experiencing what feels like arthritis in my thumb (personal opinion, not medical diagnosis). Packing to move had bothered my thumb, it had persisted for the better part of two weeks.

During the process of applying the salve to my wife’s back, the salve coated the area of my hand and thumb that had been hurting.  When I woke up the next morning the pain that had been present in my hand, was gone.

As I said, I was a skeptic before this experience but my thumb felt better and the 180 Pure salve continues to give me relief when the pain in my thumb returns.

My name is Kenton and this is my 180 Pure story.

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