With CBD popping up anywhere from gas stations to department stores, it’s very hard to know exactly what you are buying. Here are our Top 5 things to look for to know you’re getting a quality CBD product.

  1. THC-Free. 0.0% THC. Zero-THC. There can be different language used to describe THC free, but we believe it’s valuable to have a CBD product that contains no trace amounts of THC. Most CBD products on the market contain a minimum of 0.3% of THC (which is allowed), but if you remove it completely, you also remove all the troubling questions surrounding THC.
  2. Broad Spectrum. Broad Spectrum means the entire Hemp plant, and all of its naturally found compounds are used in the product – except for the THC. When the chemical profile of the hemp plant is left intact and in its natural form – consumers and researchers have found it may have more beneficial effects than any individual compound on its own. The natural compounds in the hemp plant are designed to work together – and create the best effect. (This is called the Entourage Effect)
  3. Hemp Grown in the USA. Until recently, it was pretty hard to grow hemp in the United States. So with the increase in popularity of CBD products, many companies have sourced hemp from countries outside the United States. This increases the risk of chemicals, additives, and dangerous substances to be found in that hemp. We believe it’s important for the hemp used in our products to come from American farms. Besides, we LOVE our American farmers!
  4. No Isolates. An isolate is just what it sounds like it is…an ‘isolated’ compound found in the hemp plant. When you extract just a single compound out of the hemp plant, you miss the synergistic benefits that the plant has to offer in its natural state.
  5. 3rd Party Testing / Lab Results. Every quality CBD company should provide you with lab results for each product. While reading the lab results can be tricky for the average consumer, you should be able to:
    • verify the milligram amount of CBD in a product.
    • verify there is no THC.
    • check that there are no solvents or harmful chemicals.