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Wellness. Sounds like such a simple concept – but as I age, I learn that it’s actually incredibly complicated. These days, I find that wellness isn’t merely related to just a physical state of being, but is also so closely connected to my emotional and spiritual condition.

As I engage in a season where I look to improve my overall ‘wellness’, I’m eager to add simple things into my day that improve my overall wellness. I think of them as ‘easy wins’. If I fill my day with enough of these little wellness wins, they absolutely add up and can make a significant impact on what my day feels like. Because, there’s almost never just one magic things – but rather a series of smaller things working together that create a big positive change.

So, when I look at these three categories; physical, emotion and spiritual wellness – I look for daily ways to impact each of these areas. Here are some things I’ve been doing lately that bring me joy, and elevate my wellness:

     1. Multiple short walks throughout the day
     2. Morning coffee and / or tea
     3. Reading
     4. Yoga (I’m JUST learning, but am enjoying it!)
     5. Breaks in my day talking with friends (this can be a call / walk, or stopping by a neighbors)
     6. Doing something creative (baking, graphic art project, re-doing a display at work)
     7. Starting a new skincare routine
     8. Laughing (seriously, I’ve been on the lookout for delight)
     9. CBD: Daily Gummies, Relief Lotion, Slumber Gummies, Sotfgels

Wellness is such a broad term – in part because wellness comes down to what makes YOU feel good, which really does look different for each person. My list may look very different from your list – and it should.

CBD + Your Routine

At 180 Pure, for our customers – CBD is an additional part of their wellness practices.

CBD is a great addition to any of the pre-existing routines that you already have in place throughout your day, or new ones you’’re ready to implement. I’ve recently changed up my own ‘Daily Routine’, and have found it to be very helpful! So, whether it’s beginning your day with CBD alongside your morning cup of coffee, or taking a SLEEP Gummy at night to help you wind down, CBD can be another ‘easy win’ to accelerate your wellness practices. 

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