Back To School Support

August has arrived. As the summer months come to an end, just saying the word ‘August’ gives me a little feeling of dread. August is the beginning of an end, the end of a time that is traditonally a little …

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All That’s New, Part 2

Seasons of change for me – start with an internal whisper, the tiniest of a thought that simply emerges one day. An idea. A possibility. Then one day, it evolves into a dream – and as magically as the thought appeared – that dream …

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Are you looking for a clean, natural approach to healthy sleep habits? Sleep issues are one of the most common reasons our customers turn to CBD, and we take sleep solutions seriously. We heard you asking for a melatonin-free sleep gummy, so here …

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WHY SHOULD I TAKE CURCUMIN? Chronic disease; mind & body balance, muscle recovery, inflammation. Is there a holistic approach to wellness that can work for you? At 180 Pure, we turn to curcumin for a natural approach to everyday wellness. …


All That’s New: Part 1

Back in late 2018 I started this business from a desire to build something of my own. I wanted to pour myself out into good work and a worthy product. Equally important; I wanted to grow a team that inspires …

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What Is CBD?

The first Monday of a new year is similar to the first day of school. Everyone wants to make a ‘good start’, and for about 80% of people that includes some kind of wellness goal. (Seems extra important in 2022) So, the question …

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Benefits Of Our CBD Lip Balm

Refreshing at first touch, our new velvet-soft CBD lip balm infuses the lips with intensive moisture, leaving them supple, smooth and plump. Crafted with 500 milligrams of broad spectrum CBD, this essential treatment calms, restores and conditions the lips, transforming them with the power …

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Our New RELAX CBD Bath Bomb

Introducing our new RELAX CBD Bath Bombs. These luxurious self care treats are packed with 500mg of broad spectrum CBD per bomb, and created to soothe the body, mind and soul. For years (quite literally) we’ve said ‘no’ to bath bombs because we …

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Is CBD a placebo or real science?

CBD has exploded in popularity and is projected to grow exponentially. But, we find many people still asking: “What is CBD exactly? How does it work?” And, “Isn’t it mostly a placebo?” There’s a reason CBD is getting so much attention. CBD has real …

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