Is CBD a placebo or real science?

CBD has exploded in popularity and is projected to grow exponentially. But, we find many people still asking: “What is CBD exactly? How does it work?” And, “Isn’t it mostly a placebo?” There’s a reason CBD is getting so much attention. CBD has real …

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A large part of what we do at 180 Pure, is provide daily choices to our customers that promote wellness and balance. We always encourage holistic choices that better our bodys’ ability to function at its best, like eating well balanced meals with …

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CBD And Dogs

Our dogs are a meaningful part of our lives. They’re more than just a pet, they’re an extension of our family for goodness sakes. At 180 Pure, our CBD products include special formulations to help our most loved furry friends live their best …

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What Is CBG?

And just when we were getting used to talking about CBD, a new acronym is on the horizon. Have you heard about CBG? CBG is the newest cannabinoid to catch the attention of researchers and consumers alike. But what is it, and why …

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Onward to 2021!

In a typical year, I’d do a recap of the past year and not jump right into vision and plans for the new. BUT, 2020 was certainly not typical – and if I’m honest, I’m still processing the pain-filled and traumatic year we …

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4 New Gummies

We take considerable pride in trying to be good listeners to our customers. In our store, and online one of the things we hear quite often, is that it’s difficult and confusing for people to know exactly what products to use, for a …

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4 gummies


I am a fan of lists – quite literally, I make one every day. So, I couldn’t think of a better way to articulate the things we love and value most about our brand. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list – …

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Meet our newest obsession! Introducing the 180 Pure Moisture Pearls + Antioxidants. Our perfectly proportioned Moisturizing Pearls, formulated withsuper-powered antioxidants, are designed to deliver the exact dosage every time. (Each Pearl has 3mg CBD) Our formula is enriched with macadamia nut oil and …

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