Build Your Own: Gummy 4-Pack

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SLEEP - CBD Gummies

SLEEP, our new CBD formulated gummies are what sweet dreams are made of. Each gummy is packed with 20mg of premium broad spectrum CBD, melatonin and ashwagandha. A low dose of melatonin boosts the naturally occurring levels of melatonin in your body, resulting a better overall sleep cycle. Ashwagandha, another plant based supplement can improve sleep quality and help in managing insomnia.

CALM - CBD Gummies

CALM. Our specially formulated CBD gummies are created to promote a calm sense of well being. Using a botanical blend of CBD,  Kava and Chamomile, these gummies can help battle the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

FOCUS - CBD Gummies

FOCUS, our new lemon flavored gummies are formulated to give you the boost in energy and attention you may need to get through the day, finish that workout, or complete a necessary project. Made with broad spectrum CBD and CBG hemp oils, plus 50mg of vitamin C – these gummies are bound to be your go-to over coffee!

RELIEF - CBD Gummies

RELIEF. We are thrilled to introduce our RELIEF gummies, formulated specifically to target pain and inflammation. We used both broad spectrum CBD and CBG hemp oils. CBG may be new to you, but it’s another cannabinoid in the hemp plant – and one that is gaining popularity because if it’s powerful impact. Plus, each gummy has 50mg of Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric which is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

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